The Christmas Garden is now present in ten German and ten international locations! This coming winter, the successful Christmas Garden event will bring light and joy into the dark season at ten German and ten international locations – including Italy and Poland for the first time. The presale for the popular open air highlight starts here in Germany now!

Last season, 2021/2022, some 1.9 million visitors admired the Christmas Gardens in Germany, France, the United Kingdom and Spain, nearly doubling the number of Christmas Garden visitors compared to 2019/2020! At this year’s “Live Entertainment Awards”, the successful brand was also named winner in the “En Suite Event of the Year” category. A balance, which fills the organizer, the Christmas Garden Germany GmbH, not only with pride, but spurs at the same time to further maximum achievements: The public may look forward starting from in the middle of November to magic light art, glittering star magic, dreamlike soundscapes and on thousands and thousands of Christmas sparkling points of light in the midst of impressive objects of interest and historical culture plants. Translated with (free version)

The Christmas Gardens are lovingly and elaborately designed, about two kilometers long circular paths and provide young and old for shining eyes, in which the glow of the (pre-)Christmas season is reflected. With numerous artfully arranged light installations and specially composed sound designs, each Christmas Garden is as unique as the location where it is presented. Whether at the Botanical Garden in Berlin, Wilhelma in Stuttgart, Pillnitz Palace & Park in Dresden, Deutsche Bank Park in Frankfurt, Cologne Zoo, the imposing Ehrenbreitstein Fortress in Koblenz high above the Rhine, or the flower island of Mainau – all locations impress with individual tours with their own highlights. Together they bear the creative signature of the ambitious team of Christmas Garden Deutschland GmbH, which this year rounds off the visitor experience with light installations by renowned lighting designers and thus makes it even more attractive. Therefore, even visitors from previous years will be surprised and delighted by the new, glittering highlights.

Due to the current conditions, the Christmas Garden team has once again increased its commitment to keep electricity consumption as low as possible and to organize the events in the most sustainable way possible. Thus, professional concepts were designed and numerous measures were taken for an environmentally and energy-conscious implementation to save electricity. These include, for example, the comprehensive switch to efficient, energy-saving LED technology for the lighting installations and pathway lighting, which brings an 80 percent luminous flux saving compared to conventional light sources. In addition, there are shortened opening hours during the weekdays and the abandonment of the popular ice rinks. These measures will reduce total electricity consumption by an average of 30% compared to previous years at the vast majority of sites. In some locations, even more. Calculated down to the individual visit, as much electricity is required as, for example, 1.5 hours to use a streaming service in full HD or also as the one-time start-up of a standard coffee filter machine (1000 W, operation approx. 20 to 30 minutes).

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